Other Names 4U1145-61, 2S1145-61, Cen X-5  
INTEGRAL source ID J114800.0-621225 
External database entries Simbad, ADS, ISDC
Discovery White et. al (1980)
Dominant Accretion Type Envelope Accretion 
Position RA, DEC 11h 48m 00.02s 
-62d 12m 24.9s 
Perryman et.al, (1997)  
Position l,b 295.61  -0.24     
Distance 1.5 kpc  Nagase (1989)  
Typical Flux 0.07 Crab Energy Range 2 - 12 keV

Neutron Star Mass   + -   
Neutron Star Luminosity     

Note that there are also different distance estimates:
d=0.51 kpc Clark et al., (1999)
d=3.1 kpc Negueruela, (1998)
Type of System:
Envelope Accretion, Cook et al., (1987)

Typical flux of the source in Crab -- just a rough value; It is a transient source. The X-ray flux in quiescence is typically less about 3 mcrab, but the periastron flares reach a flux of several hundred mcrab (only the brightest ones).

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