Other Names 1H1907+097 
INTEGRAL source ID J190937.9+094949 
External database entries Simbad, ADS, ISDC
Discovery Giacconi et al. (1974)
Dominant Accretion Type  
Position RA, DEC 19h 09m 37.9s 
+09d 49m 48.9s 
Position l,b 43.7  0.48     
Distance 2.4-5.9 kpc  van Kerkwijk et al. (1989)  
Typical Flux 0.03 Crab Energy Range 2 - 10 keV

Neutron Star Mass   + -   
Neutron Star Luminosity     

Two models for the system have been proposed: a Be star with and extended disk, or a OB supergiant with a strong stellar wind

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