Other Names RX J1037.5-5647, 1A 1034-56, 3A1036-565, 3U 1022-55 
INTEGRAL source ID J103733.8-564758 
External database entries Simbad, ADS, ISDC
Discovery Forman, Tananbaum, Jones (1976)
Dominant Accretion Type Be? see Reig and Roche (1999)  
Position RA, DEC 10h 37m 35.2s 
-56d 47m 59s 
Motch et al. (1997)  
Position l,b 285.36  +1.43     
Distance 5 kpc  Motch et al. (1997)  
Typical Flux Crab Energy Range - keV

Neutron Star Mass   + -   
Neutron Star Luminosity 4.5x1035 Reig   & Roche (1999) 

Position updated using the optical identification of the companion of Motch et al. (1997) who note that the "...former identification of 3A 1036-565 with the bright Be star HD 91188 (Buckley et al. 1985) is ... probably not valid since the star lies quite outside the error box and is furthermore not detected in the ROSAT all-sky survey." HD 91188 has MV=6.6, and is also known as HIC 51444, RX J10375-568, or SAO238130.

Warning: The ADS and SIMBAD sometimes make the distinction between these two sources, and sometimes don't (e.g., SIMBAD position is wrong), Liu et al. (2000) use the identification of RX J1037.5-5674 with HD 91188.

Reig & Roche (1999) note that earlier observations of 4U1036-565 (=3A1036-565) do not show pulsations, although the measured fluxes are consistent.

Might belong to class of persistent Be sources postulated by Reig & Roche (1999) , together with X Per, RX J0146.9+6121/LS I +61 235 and RX J0440.9+4431/BSD 24-491.

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