Other Names V662 Cas, 2S 0114+65, 1A0114+65, 4U 0114+65 
INTEGRAL source ID J011802.8+651719 
External database entries Simbad, ADS, ISDC
Discovery Dower et al. (1977)
Dominant Accretion Type wind-fed HMXB 
Position RA, DEC 01h 18m 02.70s 
+65d 17m 29.8s 
Position l,b 125.71  +2.56     
Distance 7.0(36) kpc  Reig et al. (1996)  
Typical Flux 0.005 Crab Energy Range 2 - 11 keV

Neutron Star Mass   + -   
Neutron Star Luminosity 1x1036 erg/s   Reig et al. (1996) 

Astrophysical parameters also Reig et al. (1996)
Eclipsing binary? Magnetar?
possibly the sloest known X-ray pulsar.
A possible distance of 2.5 kpc from Crampton et al. (1985) is still under discussion
Koenigsberger et al. (2006) study the possibility that the long pulsations are tidally induced and not due to rotation.

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