Other Names A 0535+26, HD 245770, V725 Tau 
INTEGRAL source ID J053854.6+261857 
External database entries Simbad, ADS, ISDC
Discovery Rosenberg et al. (1975)
Dominant Accretion Type wind-fed HMXB (BeXRB), accretion disc is formed during giant (and normal?) outbursts 
Position RA, DEC 05h 38m 54.57s 
+26d 18m 56.8s 
Position l,b 181.45  -2.64     
Distance 2.6(4) kpc  Janot-Pacheco et al. (1987)  
Typical Flux 0.1 Crab Energy Range 2 - 10 keV

Neutron Star Mass   + -   
Neutron Star Luminosity 4x1033 erg/s   Ikhsanov (2001) 

transient X-ray source with missing, normal, and giant outbursts, correlated with Porb
Review article: Giovannelli and Graziati (1992)
NS-Luminosity given is for low state

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